Steel Dimensions offers structural steel connection design and detailing services to fabricators and erectors. Our engineers are equipped with computer-aided software packages, such as Tekla, to model even the most complex connections with confidence. We adapt our designs according to each fabricator’s unique preferences and shop practices.

Why Choose Steel Dimensions?

Steel Dimensions is your reliable and experienced provider of high-quality steel connection designing services. Our team of skilled design engineers is well-equipped to handle complex steel connections per AISC (ASD & LRFD) and CISC standards.

We have a massive portfolio composed of over 2000 successfully completed projects ranging from 50 to 22,000 tons. With Steel Dimensions, your project will be delivered on time, on budget, and with superior quality.          

Our Steel Connection Design Services

We provide Steel Connection Design services for a wide range of structural steel projects, covering standard and non-standard shear connections, moment connections, bracing connections, truss connections, crane connections, welded connections, high-seismic, and specialty conditions.

Steel Dimensions provides steel connections that are easy to build and erect while working collaboratively with steel fabricators. We ensure that your detailer has all the sketches needed to keep moving in a punctual manner, meet Issue for Approval (IFA) dates, and get the steel into the shop on time.

Our team is well familiar with steel fabrication and is well-versed in shop preferences. Our staff has acquired hands-on experience in our clients’ shops and on job sites, and we continuously update our knowledge by engaging in professional development and keeping abreast of industry trends.

We understand that every fabrication shop is unique, and we are committed to customizing our connection designs to suit their practices and promote efficiency. We are also aware of how the costs associated with steel fabrication and erection quickly add up, increasing material and labor costs. This is why we strive to provide the best connection details that balance safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Our connection sketches are detailed, thorough, and easy to follow, and we work closely with steel detailers to ensure that projects are completed as accurately. This includes site visits to verify field conditions and provides engineering solutions to rectify field problems.
Our licensed professional engineers stamp our engineering sketches, ensuring that all relevant dimensions and details are included for project detailing.

Quality Control in Steel Connection Design

Deficient connections are the leading cause of steel building failures. To ensure the safety and integrity of our projects, we systematically study joints. By utilizing steel specifications such as AISC, we make precise calculations to evaluate connection resistance and rigidity. Every connection is designed adhering to AISC standards for projects within USA, and CISC standards for projects within Canadian borders

We combine hand calculation, 2D design software, advanced 3D finite element software, and an in-depth understanding of steel connection behavior to ensure the legitimacy of every steel connection we provide.

Our senior engineers review every connection before stamping. With Steel Dimensions, you’ll get steel connection designs that are safe, easy to fabricate, and easy to erect.

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