Don’t let the stress of certifications and procedures hold you back. Let Steel Dimensions handle the details so that you can focus on what you do best – delivering quality steel fabrication and erection services. Steel Dimensions facilitates the process of erector and steel fabricator certification, and provides CWB retained engineer services for CSA standard W47.1 division 2 companies.

Our Welding Engineering Services

In Canada, companies that manufacture welded steel structures are required to hold CWB certification. While mandatory for projects within Canadian borders, the certification is also recognized throughout the rest of North America. Steel fabricators and erectors that deal with steel structures must possess CWB certification in order to participate in projects or export their products to Canada.

Steel Dimensions turns obtaining certifications for your steel fabrication and erection projects into a breeze. Our team of engineers will prepare welding procedure specifications (WPS) and data sheets (WPDS), needed for your certifications. For welding processes and joints that are not pre-approved, we offer services in preparing and supervising procedure qualification reports (PQR). And for CSA standard W47.1 division 2 companies, we offer retained engineer services.

Retained Engineer Services

It is a legal requirement for all steel structures in Canada to be fabricated and erected by companies that hold CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certification. To become certified as Division I, a company must employ a CWB-certified welding engineer. To be certified as Division II, a company must retain a CWB-certified welding engineer.

If you are a steel fabricator or an erector, it may not be cost-effective to employ a full-time CWB Certified Engineer. By using Steel Dimensions’ Retained Engineering services, you can eliminate the expense of hiring a full-time CWB Certified Engineer, yet maintain full legal compliance under Division II.

WPS and PQR for Structural Steel Fabricator and
Erector CWB Certification


A WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) is like a general recipe for welders, providing the necessary details to create a weld that meets code requirements and production standards. It includes information like base metal grade, filler metal classification, amperage range, shielding gas composition, and temperatures. On the other hand, WPDS provides specific welding variables, parameters, and conditions for a weldment. Following a WPS/WPDS allows a group of welders to produce similar welds with consistent mechanical properties. All WPS and WPDS must be reviewed by the CWB before a project proceeds.

Our engineers can prepare welding procedure specifications (WPS) and data sheets (WPDS), needed for the certification of steel fabricators and erectors.


Before creating a Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), a preliminary set of procedures and materials must be established. This is then used to create a series of welds to mechanically test whether they meet applicable requirements. A PQR (Procedure Qualification Record) is essentially the documented procedures for creating and testing the sample welds, along with the results. If the test results are satisfactory, the PQR is approved and can be used as the foundation for drafting one or more WPSs. In essence, the PQR provides proof that a given WPS can be used to create an acceptable weld.

For processes and welding joints that are not pre-approved, Steel Dimensions prepare and supervise procedure qualification reports (PQR).

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